Elinor's Culture Club donates 700 diapers!


Elinor's Culture Club, a group of New Jersey women brought together by the late Elinor Geller, invited AECDC President Deborah Cherniss (second from right) to tell them about diaper need and the kinds of situations that bring clients to us. 

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February 2018 News

In-kind donations:

sj cs donationWe continue to receive hundreds of diapers from Brandeis Women and other groups, like Elinor’s Culture Club.
Our Resource VP, John Yen, has become a Craig’s List devotee, searching for baby items and asking the sellers if they’d be willing to donate to us.
He’s had a strong response – and has been very busy picking up a variety of items, including diapers, high chairs and bassinets.

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Blood Drive AND Diaper Drive!

7651059264 IMG 0420In 2015, Casey Cattell not only became a first-time mother, but she also became one of the many faces of the Maternal Health Crisis in the United States. It would be an understatement to say she had a challenging pregnancy and postpartum, dodging death not once, but twice. Blood transfusions were one of the crucial elements to saving her life- she received at least 15 units which is more than her entire blood volume- and she is now holding blood drives to support Maternal Health Awareness to pay the gift of life forward.

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Central Jersey Diaper Bank meets needs of families...

square diapersThrough our Central Jersey Diaper Bank (formerly B-FED:  Baby Formula, Equipment and Diapers) we’ve:

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


(Formally know as B-FED) AECDC provides free Baby Formula, Equipment and Diapers, plus wipes, clothing and other items that are crucial to keeping babies and young children healthy and growing! AECDC is the only diaper bank in Central NJ, and is affiliated with the National Diaper Bank Network.

Central Jersey Diaper Bank


med equipment

AECDC loans medical equipment at no charge such as shower seats, walkers and wheelchairs.  Without assistance, our elderly and disabled are often isolated and unable to sustain a healthy quality of life.


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