This week Fed Ex arrived at the CDC door with a huge, unexpected package.  We weren't sure if it were really for us, but indeed it was.

Inside:  a wheelchair we loaned over a year ago,  being returned - from Georgia!!!


This was the note included:

"I want to thank you for loaning us this wheelchair in my mom's time of need.  I had a really hard time prying it away from her to return it.  So it is a little over a year.  She became attached to it and didn't want it sent back.  We were able to replace it by buying her a new wheelchair for Christmas.  And after a little while of adjusting to it she finally agreed to shipping it back.  Thanks again."  (His mom is now 99 years old.)

This shipment was received in response to our volunteer efforts to follow-up on return of loaned medical equipment.

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