For the 2014-2015 school year, the AECDC has assisted local needy school children in various ways.  An anonymous private donor contributed $200 to provide school uniforms for those families that could not afford them.  The Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Foundation also gave $200, which provided uniforms for another group of children.  The Foundation also gave book bags with school supplies to these recipients.  The New Brunswick Police Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) donated $150, enabling us to provide uniforms for a third group of students.  A local church provided funding for age-appropriate school supplies for this third group of students.


From July 1 2014 through September 1 2014, the AECDC staff assisted 33 clients with Medicaid applications.  Only two of these applications were denied.  Thus, 31 clients obtained medical insurance through our efforts.


For the seventh year in a row, the AECDC has received a grant from the Andersen Corporation Foundation.  This Foundation was created in 1941 to “better people’s lives and strengthen communities focusing primarily where Andersen employees live and work.”  They assist organizations that serve in the areas of health and safety, affordable housing, education and youth development, human services and civic support.  Through the Foundation’s generous grant of $20,000, we will continue to help low income clients in many areas, especially in our health equipment loan, and advocacy programs.  We are very grateful for their support.

While extremely generous, this grant covers less than 15% of our annual operating expenses.  Collectively, grants from private and government agencies cover approximately 78% of annual expenses.  Thus, we depend on donations from individuals like you to cover the remaining cost of providing services to our clients.

AECDC Client Can Now Afford Critical Medical Treatment

One of our clients was a woman on dialysis who was spending $500 a month on medication and doctor visits.   She had been trying unsuccessfully to obtain medical insurance.  Our program director, Norka Torres, checked her income and discovered that she was eligible for New Jersey Family Care.  With Norka’s assistance, the woman was able receive to the insurance within ten days.  As a result, the client will be saving $3,200 in medical expenses during the last three months of this year.  The client came in to show Norka her new insurance card and stated, “God bless this office!”

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